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Mol Formula: C13H16ClNO · HCl
Formula Weight: 274.19 g/mol
CAS Number: 1867-66-9
Storage Temperature: 2 – 8 °C
Appearance (Color): White to Faint Yellow
Appearance (Form): Powder/Crystal
Solubility (Color): Colorless to Very Faint Yellow
Solubility (Turbidity) : Clear
Purity (TLC) > 98 %



ketamine powder

Ketamine may be a white, crystalline powder or clear liquid.

Source of Ketamine:

Available by prescription solely, and is commercially available as a veterinary anesthetic. it’s tough to synthesize clandestinely and is sometimes taken from veterinarian offices or diverted from legitimate pharmaceutical sources in liquid type. ketamine is presently a schedule III drug within the us.

Medical and Recreational Uses:

Primarily used in veterinary applications as a tranquilizer. also used as an anesthetic induction agent for diagnostic and surgical procedures in humans, before the administration of general anesthetics. often used as a short-acting anaesthetic agent for kids and older patients. Recreationally used as a psychedelic and for its divisible effects.


Users have likened the physical effects of ketamine to those of pcp, and also the visual effects to lsd.


Decreased awareness of the overall surroundings, sedation, dream-like state, vivid dreams, feelings of invulnerability, increased distractibility, disorientation, and subjects are typically uncommunicative. Intense hallucinations, impaired thought processes, out-of-body experiences, and changes in perception regarding body, surroundings, time and sounds. Delirium and hallucinations may be tough once awakening from anaesthesia.

Side effect Profile:

High incidence of adverse effects, together with anxiety, chest pain, palpitations, agitation, rhabdomyolysis, flashbacks, delirium, dystonia, psychosis, schizophrenic-like symptoms, dizziness, vomiting, seizures, and paranoia.

Duration of Effects:

The onset of effects is within seconds if smoked, 1-5 minutes if injected, 5-10 minutes if snorted and 15-20 minutes if orally administered. Effects typically last 30-45 minutes if injected, 45-60 minutes if snorted, and 1-2 hours following oral ingestion. ketamine is commonly readministered due to its relatively short duration of action. Some subjects could experience dreams twenty four hours later. Marked divisible effects, schizotypal symptoms, and impaired semantic memory are found in some recreational users days after drug use. ketamine powder, get ketamine powder on-line, Order ketamine on-line.

Tolerance, Dependence and Withdrawal Effects:

In long-term exposure, high tolerance, drug craving, and flashbacks are represented. very little evidence of a physiological withdrawal syndrome unless abrupt discontinuation in chronic users.

Drug Interactions:

Midazolam attenuates altered perception and thought processes. lorazepam could decrease ketamine-associated emotional distress however doesn’t decrease cognitive or behavioral effects of ketamine. Acute administration of diazepam will increase the half-life of ketamine. Lamotrigine considerably decreases ketamine-induced perceptual abnormalities however will increase the mood elevating effects. haloperidol could decrease impairment by ketamine in executive management functions however doesn’t have an effect on mental illness, perceptual changes, negative schizophrenic-like symptoms, or euphoria.

Performance Effects:

A broad spectrum of cognitive impairments and marked divisible effects. exaggerated distractibility and intensely visual or polysensual hallucinations. Impairment of immediate and delayed recall, and verbal declarative memory. Memory impairment is related to encoding or retrieval processes, and not accounted for by decreased attention. Impaired language perform, failure to create and use memory traces of task-relevant info. Overall ablated awareness, increased reaction time, distorted perceptions of house, non-responsiveness, and blurred vision. The S-(+) chemical compound impairs function 3-5 times over the R-(-) isomer. ketamine powder, get general anaesthetic powder on-line, Order ketamine on-line.

Effects while Driving:

The drug manufacturer suggests that patients ought to be cautioned that driving an automobile mustn’t be undertaken for twenty-four hours or a lot of following anaesthesia. No driving studies are performed.

DEC Category:


DEC Profile:

different characteristic indicators could include rigid muscles, cyclic behavior, and lack of response to painful stimuli.

Driving Risks:

The use of ketamine isn’t conceivably compatible with the abilities needed for driving due to its moderate to severe psychomotor, cognitive, and residual effects. ketamine powder, get ketamine powder on-line, Order ketamine on-line.

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