Cafeina 200th 2ml by IT pharma, Spain

10x two milliliter ampoules

INGREDIENTS: distilled water, caffein 200th, sodium benzoate


Caffeine could be a very powerful cAMP stimulating substance that promotes the movement of localized fat spots. It blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase (PDE) that is responsible of cAMP destruction, that could be a chemical mediator present throughout the triglycerides rupture.

The increased cAMP leads to a lipolytic impact that dramatically reduces the fat spots, then we will appreaciate a smoothened skin without “holes”.

Besides its main effect, there are some important toning and cleansing effects that improve the micro-circulation that consequence is that the transport and drainage of metabolic waste.

The higher than reasons justify however caffeine use locally stimulates the metabolism boosting the fat combustion.

Apply the product over localized fatty spots (legs, abdomens, etc..), or non smoothened skin areas.

Administration: transdermal (vehicle solution, electroporation) or subcutaneous injections. will be utilized in intramuscular or IV routes.

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