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Brand Name: Rohypnol

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Rohypnol 2mg

$209.70 Sales Tax

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Buy Rohypnol 2mg online best quality


Buy Rohypnol 2mg online
Buy Rohypnol 2mg online

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Rohypnol, or Flunitrazepam, became firstly used to deal with sufferers tormented by insomnia, 


Buy Rohypnol 2mg online.but the FDA has now not permitted the drug for scientific use, making it unlawful on this usaknown as the “date rape drug” or as a “roofie” in slang, Rohypnol is maximum usually associated with intercourse crimes such as sexual attack or rape.



nevertheless felony in Mexico and Europe, small doses of Rohypnol are used efficiently to deal with insomnia and different sleep-related conditionsat the same time as the drug has been illegal in the U.S. when you consider that 1999, it’s miles usually smuggled into the u . s . through numerous method of transportation.


Rohypnol may be taken orally and the consequences start to reveal 15-20 minutes after it’s been ingested, lasting everywhere from 4-6 hours. Rohypnol hangovers can regularly persist during tomorrow if the drug become administered at night.


This drug is colorless, tasteless, odorless, and may be added to a person‘s meals or drink without them ever understandingeven as the drug is regularly associated with intercourse crimes, together with rape, this isn’t usually accurate. In a few caseshumans were recognised to take Rohypnol willingly.


outcomes of Rohypnol
Rohypnol is an exceedingly powerful drug that acts as a effective sedative, muscle relaxant, and hypnotic. The drug additionally has the potential to lessen tension. Buy Rohypnol 2mg online.

In a few instancesblending Rohypnol and alcohol can prove deadlydue to the potency of the drug, it may purpose a few customers to become comatose or even die if their frame is unable to properly metabolize the drug.


Drug expenses
charges for Rohypnol ought to fall below any of the subsequent topics:
Drug possession
Drug distribution or trafficking Buy Rohypnol 2mg online.
Drug manufacturing
easy possession of the “date rape drug” ought to bring about up to 3 years in jail and a huge excellent. Distribution and use of the drug to cause damage to different p

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